AKRacing Office Series Opal Chair Review

When it comes to comfort while writing, gaming, or general sitting down watching TV or a Movie, there is nothing better than a good chair. For us as gamers, we have the luxury of our bed, or the dining room furniture or the floor. Or you could be one of the lucky ones that have nice parents who are concerned about the damage gaming is causing to your posture and neck. Before I got myself a gaming chair my back and neck would ache after a good gaming session, I would even get a headache. Even when I was typing for long periods my neck would kill and the bottom of my spine would just ache as I got up from a sitting position. This could be because of my age and I am no longer that nimble.

Now gaming chairs are seen everywhere now from gaming expos, esports events, even streamers, and youtube stars have them,  Now they are not cheap with an average high-end one costing around £260.00. Did your heart just sink, mine used to, as the price was so high and there was no way I could afford one on a student wage, so I had to really save my money. Gaming chairs may cost a bit, but they truly do help a gamer, office worker to have a more comfortable relaxing time during those working/ gaming hours. So for this review, I have taken a leap into the office realm with AKRacing and their Opal Office Chair. The office chair is more minimalistic compared to AKRacing’s gaming series of chairs.

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