AKRacing Onyx Office Chair Build and First Impressions

We unbox and build the AKRacing Onyx Office Chair. This is a high-end office chair with plenty of size for us big guys. It has several features that stand out over some of our previous chairs reviewed, namely this one be upholstered in “top grain” leather. Let’s see how it all goes together and what our first week’s impressions are.

AKRacing recently contacted us and asked if we would like to review any of its chairs that it markets. After looking around on its website we did find that contrary to the company name, it actually supplies “office chairs” as well as all sorts of models devoted to gamers. We asked for a sample of the Onyx Office Chair in top grain leather, and AKRacing did send us over a unit to test. This leather Onyx is selling for a whopping $700, but the pleather version is on sale now for $400. Here is what AKRacing has to say about its Onyx chairs.

Aesthetically, the Onyx Series from AKRacing is about as sophisticated as it gets. Crafted with high-density mould-shaping foam, the Onyx is comfy and accommodating to give you the best fit possible. Look to the 3D adjustable armrests for your desired arm position. To adjust the chair’s height, use the class-four gas lift, which can support up to a whopping 330 pounds. For those longer days at the office or on the sticks, you can recline the chair all the way back to 180 degrees for a nap. The tilt angle also locks in place if need be. All of that functionality sits atop a five-star aluminum base, steel frame, and large 2.6-inch casters.

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