Gaming In Style: AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair Review

musthave.pnggamerschoice.pngWhen a diamond is purchased, you usually go by four Cs:  Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat.  Gamers have four Cs they use to identify their perfect gaming chair.  I asked what were the four most important factors in a game chair.  The TFT members responded Comfort, Construction, Cost and Cool Factor. *in that order*

The average gamer spends about 6 to 8 hours of play time per week. (If you were around my house that number would treble).  If we add in time spent researching game tactics, looking for new components for our rigs, social media, school and work, that number would probably be around 30 hrs per week.  This being said, we would like to be able to relax in a comfy chair for all of this. We want something so grandiose that we don’t even want to get up to go to bed.

It appears that AKRacing have thought about our needs and wants and compiled them all together in one luxury chair, the Masters Series MAX Gaming Chair (AK-MAX-BK-UK).  I’m eager to find out if it is all that it says it is.

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