KitGuru Review: AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

As gamers and office workers we spend so much time at our desks and in front of screens – so whether we like it or not, having a comfortable, supportive and affordable chair is going to be mission one for most of us. AKRacing’s Core Series is their entry-level model of gaming chair, combining affordability and comfort, but will that be enough to get you to part with your cash?

AKRacing has been around since 2001, so it is safe to say they’ve built up a bit of experience when it comes to making a gaming chair, and the Core Series looks to be a good starting place if you’re looking to buy your first gaming seat. Priced at £240 as well, it’s certainly far from the most expensive gaming chair we’ve seen.

I’m happy to say building this out of the box wasn’t too difficult, the instructions are nice and clear, and overall there aren’t a huge amount of parts to get stuck with. So, if I can build it with ‘moderate’ effort, you should be fine. The chair is very comfortable, it doesn’t feel cheap and the polyester upholstery is firm to the touch.

The accents with the coloured stitching are a nice detail as well, and overall I don’t think it looks like an entry-level gaming chair, it’s overall aesthetically very pleasing. And if red and black isn’t your thing, there’s also plain black or black and blue models available.

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