Team Dignitas

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Team Dignitas was formed in September 2003, after the merger of two excellent Battlefield 1942 teams. The new ‘Dignitas’ Battlefield team went on to be very successful and after attending CeBIT (2004) we held discussions with ABIT and within a few months we had secured our first sponsor.

By steadily adhering to our initial plans and seizing opportunities as they emerged, we developed what is now an iconic professional gaming brand. We are now one of the world’s leading eSport organisations, with our players recognised across the globe, as they go about competing for major honours.


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The HellRaisers organization was founded on 9 March 2014 with the best Counter-Strike players of the CIS region, who had world-wide fame. In 2016 HellRaisers decided to look toward the European scene, having taken under their banner two Slovaks and a Czech, together with whom the team managed to achieve incredible results for a short period of time. Despite the Ukrainian origins of the clan tag and the fact that on the CS:GO roster there are two Ukrainians, currently the team plays under the European flag and every day wins hearts of fans world-wide.


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Torpedo is a British Esports organisation founded in August 2015. Torpedo originally started with a CSGO team which had a lot of local success in Sweden and ventured out to international events. Torpedo has now expanded and is the home of the UK’s best Hearthstone team competing in and also winning major titles. Torpedo also home a top Gears of War 4 team which live together in a house in Sheffield and will be competing at big events around the globe throughout 2017.


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