Invision Community AKRacing Arctica Gaming Chair Review

Another week has gone down, and some amazing games have seen there release from Red Dead Redemption 2, Grip Combat Racing and as of today 06.11.2018, the new and improved Final Fantasy World Maxima and I must not forget my favourite release on the Nintendo Switch Diablo 3 Eternal Edition. But playing games is never great without sitting on something comfortable and having access to food and drink, so in this review, I am taking a look at the new AKRacing Arctica Gaming Chair.

If you have not heard of AKRacing here is some information about them:

AKRacing has been in business since 2001 as a real seat manufacturing company. First in automotive sports seats then expanding to gaming and office chairs. We do 100% of our own R&D and product development, testing, and QC. We even design and tool our own our armrests, 5-starbases, and mechanisms for most models. So, we control the full user experience to a degree most other companies can’t or just don’t.

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