The Best Gaming Chairs of 2018

It’s hard to play your best if you’re not comfortable. Here are the finest gaming chairs we’ve tested, and what you need to know before you invest in one.

By Will Greenwald
October 25, 2018 2:54PM EST

Take a Seat, Grab a Joystick
Whether you play PC games on a monitor or console games on a TV, you need a place to sit. You can use anything from a sofa, to a La-Z-Boy, to a dining room chair, but if you really want to sit in style while you play, you should get a dedicated gaming chair. They’re comfortable, sturdy, and designed with gamers in mind.

What Makes a Chair a Gaming Chair?
At first glance, gaming chairs don’t look all that different from desk chairs. They’re typically pretty large, with backrests that extend high enough to support your head, along with large armrests and a swiveling base with wheeled castors that let you roll and spin freely. You’ve probably seen “executive” office chairs that look pretty similar. Gaming chairs have a few key differences, though.

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