EGX 2018 – A Quick Look At The Tech Highlights

We at eTeknix have been at EGX 2018 for a few days now. During which we’ve seen some amazing things both in terms of gaming and PC technology. EGX is perhaps one of the best shows for people with an interest in both as while both are on display, neither factor dominates the other. For example, you could go play a demo of Kingdom Hearts 3 and then toddle off to buy yourself a new keyboard.

There was, however, a lot more going on at EGX. For a number of the booths though, while they had interesting things, there wasn’t quite enough to warrant us trying to turn it into a full blown article either. We have therefore provided a quick highlight of each booth/feature below which should hopefully give you an idea as to how great the event has been as a whole!

Gaming Chairs!

Some people like comfortable gaming chairs (more on that later) and some like the more ‘immersive’ experience you can get. With this in mind, X Rocker was in attendance with around 6 demo chairs on display. Each was hooked up to a console which, via some clever technology, provides the user with a comfortable low-ground seating, but also with some impressive audio.

AKRacing were in attendance at the event and features their entire brand new line of gaming chairs. We tried many of these out throughout the day (it was a convenient place to sit) and found them all to be both comfortable and very well made. A definite good option if you’re in the market for a new throne!

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