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We are The Baker Twins! We started streaming on September 14th, 2016 and we have been twitch partnered since October 17th, 2016!

We are identical twins from a little reservation in Northern British Columbia, Canada. We currently live in L.A. We moved here for acting. We are actresses, models, bloggers, fitness enthusiasts and GAMERS!

Hope you enjoy watching our streams. We have been in TV shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Blue Mountain State and Smallville.


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My name is Rosie, I’m 24 yo and I live in Finland the Winland. I used to do modeling and worked as a gymnastic coach in the past. Now I’m a full time streamer and I love it. I started streaming 2015.

I love joking around and spending time with my family. I’m a huge consumer of sweets and coffee(food in general). Normally also enjoying some strong beers during the stream but 2k17 is an alcohol free year for me!

I love going to sauna and having barbecue. I play mostly CS:GO. Kappa // We are always trying out new games. I come from DOTA 2.


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My name is Lena. Everyone knows me as shushu! I’m 22 years old and living in Nürnberg/Germany. My parents are both from Croatia. I’ve played Counter-Strike since 2011 and played professionally for 3 years. My former teams are ALTERNATE, BMG, LGB. I started streaming in the end of 2014!


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I’ve always enjoyed playing since I was a little kid. First time I got in contact with online gaming was at age 8 seeing my brother playing World Of Warcraft so I tried it out and I loved it. However 2 days afterwards he deleted my character.

At age 13 I started playing World Of Warcraft myself and did so for over 5 years. I mainly play CS:GO but I also like games as Starwars the old republic & Hearthstone.


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Gothenburger who are self-proclaimed philosopher, inspiration and truth-teller. Positivity, harmony and visualization are my catchwords.


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I began my professional eSports career as a Dota player in the early 2000’s. By “Dota” I mean the first comprehensive version of the beloved Warcraft 3 mod, which is now popularly referred to as “Dota 1”. Later on however, myself and many of my teammates transitioned to a very similar game, called Heroes of Newerth, which in general terms can be described as a “Dota 1 with better graphics”.

At that particular point in time I played in something known as The Pro League, but when all that eventually came to an end my attention shifted to casting/commentating, as well as event hosting, which is currently my full time job.

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